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Tree Safety Works

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Tree safety works at Llyn Brenig

We are holding a drop-in day for local residents and visitors to learn about the forthcoming tree safety works that will be taking place at Llyn Brenig.

Thursday 25th November 2021 10am – 3pm in Lakeside Cafe

It has been identified that a highly destructive disease ‘ash dieback’ is present in some of the ash trees surrounding Llyn Brenig’s visitor centre and car park. The United Kingdom’s native ash species, ‘common ash’ (Fraxinus Excelsior) is prone to this disease, which is caused by a fungus which is also known as Chalara.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water puts the safety of its visitors first and has made the decision to remove the diseased trees due to serious safety concerns. Ash dieback weakens trees and makes the structure of the timber become brittle. Across the country, there have been very visible programmes of felling trees where there is a risk to the public, especially along roadsides, footpaths and parks. Once ash dieback has infected an ash tree, it is at considerable risk of structural failure. The tree can shed branches and limbs, or the whole tree may even collapse causing considerable damage and injury.

We are mindful that the tree felling will change the landscape around the centre and have agreed a tree replacement plan with contractors Tilhill Forestry, who are carrying out the works. This involves the planting of a range of tree species such as cherry, crab apple, rowan, alder and red oak. These species have been chosen as they will survive the harsh environment, offer biodiversity value and offer aesthetic appeal.

The works will take place over a few days in mid-December and again in January 2022.

For the safety of staff and customers, conifers that have reached maturity in the workshop compound will be removed in 2022. The conifers are now posing a risk to buildings and staff working in the compound.