The Osprey


at Llyn Brenig

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The Brenig Osprey Exhibition

The Brenig Osprey Project Exhibition has been developed in partnership with The North Wales Wildlife Trust.

Situated in the Visitor Centre, spread your wings to explore the exhibition, learn about the project history and follow our birds throughout the seasons.

Watch our video to see what you can expect of Llyn Brenig Ospreys.


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Nest Cam Live Feed

When the ospreys are here, you can watch them from the comfort of the visitor centre via a live camera feed of the nest. The exhibition team will talk you through all the latest news and be able to adjust the cameras to zoom in on the latest activity. Each year we eagerly watch all the critical events in the opreys life cycle, from preparing the nest, egg laying, hatching, mum and dad feeding the chicks fish, to the chicks fledging. All truly magical moments captured live for you to experience close up via the live feed.


Bird Hides

For a closer look, we provide opportunities to see the Ospreys from the hide or viewing area. The North Wales Wildlife Trust are also based at the viewing area in Sailing Club Bay.