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Brenig Osprey Project: Review Of 2023

Ospreys have made Llyn Brenig their home since 2013 and another remarkable conservation success story played out in 2023 when a pair returned to the lake, raised two chicks, both fledging successfully, and all four migrating away as nature intended at the end of the summer.

For the Brenig Osprey Project – a collaboration between Llyn Brenig and North Wales Wildlife Trust – the season kicked off on a promising note as osprey LJ2 arrived at the nest on 31st March. Four days later, osprey LM6 made her appearance and by 20th April, the pair had laid their first egg, followed by a second on the 23rd and a third on the 26th.

Although two chicks hatched in late May, the third chick tragically passed away shortly after hatching in early June. However, the parents diligently nurtured the remaining two chicks who thrived and developed into sturdy youngsters with hearty appetites.

On 7th, the chicks were ringed and officially designated as Blue 7B5 (assumed female) and Blue 7B6 (also assumed female) and could now be named. From a shortlist of character names taken from A Toy Epic by Emyr Humphreys, followers of the Brenig Osprey Project Facebook page settled on 7B5 Dilys and 7B6 Mari.

On 23rd July, the chicks fledged, taking flight over the lake under the watchful eyes of their devoted parents. Just over a month later, all four ospreys embarked on their migration to warmer regions in southern Europe and Africa. LM6 and 7B6 Mari were last spotted at the Brenig nest on 26th August, while LJ2 and 7B5 Dilys were last seen on 30th August.

In addition to the breeding family, other ospreys dropped in to Llyn Brenig throughout summer. An unknown female was a regular visitor just after LJ2 arrived back to the UK but made herself scarce once LM6 returned. Blue 372(21), a Scottish female translocated to Pool Harbour in 2021, made her first appearance on 16th May after being sighted on 28th April at Llyn Clywedog. A male bird, Blue 416 from the Lake District, visited Llyn Brenig in 2022 and he returned a couple of times over the course of the season this year.

“We are overjoyed to have followed the success of 2022 with another wonderful breeding season in 2023,” said Nick Kite, Welsh Water Visitor Attraction Manager at Llyn Brenig. ‘Llyn Brenig continues to be a sanctuary for these magnificent birds and they embody our commitment to wildlife preservation and environmental conservation.’

The Brenig Osprey Project ensured continuous surveillance of the nest and its surroundings through automatic monitoring systems and online volunteers coordinated by North Wales Wildlife Trust. The volunteers’ unwavering commitment and tireless monitoring not only provided timely updates for the project’s social media followers but also played a crucial role in ensuring security of the site.

The ospreys attract many visitors to Llyn Brenig. In addition to popping into a look-out manned by North Wales Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers on the western bank of the lake, visitors had the opportunity to observe the ospreys up close and capture stunning photographs from a discreet viewing hide located approximately 150 meters away from the nesting site. Again supported by North Wales Wildlife Trust volunteers, the hide provided a popular attraction for birders, nature enthusiasts, and photographers throughout the summer season.

Over the summer, the project team also updated the Osprey Exhibition at the Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre. The improved experience offers an insight into the fascinating world of the osprey and is where visitors can learn about the history of the Brenig Osprey Project and get privileged access to these incredible creatures and other wildlife via live feeds from cameras at the nest and nearby perch.

The Llyn Brenig Osprey Exhibition

Situated in the Visitor Centre, spread your wings to explore the exhibition, learn about the project history and follow our birds throughout the seasons.

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